It is critical take a proactive approach to sustainability at an early stage of considering financing options to ensure that appropriate financial partners are identified and that the steps to secure that financing are implemented early in the financing process.

We have strong and practical expertise in advising on financing solutions that respond to investor and lender objectives and requirements relating to sustainability both in terms of the opportunities and challenges that it poses. Sustainability is a significant area of focus for both investors and lenders. In terms of opportunities we can advise on the most appropriate finance partners for your business and how best to access that finance, taking into account current financing trends including, for example financings related to sustainability performance metrics, and financing to support the energy transition. We are very well versed in the requirements of specific funders including export credit agencies, multi-lateral agencies such as the IFC and commercial banks. In terms of challenge and risks related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, we are well equipped to support companies in ensuring that you have appropriate strategies, policies and governance to satisfy the needs of financiers.